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We are Asali Organics.  A hand crafted Organic Skin and Body Care Company. 

Our products are whipped by hand using the highest quality blends of butters, herbs, oils and Asali.

Asali means Honey in Swahili and is considered the greatest gift that nature has bestowed on us.

Some have even called it Liquid Gold. There are far more benefits to Asali than its sweetness and there is a genuine need for the healing power of honey in our world. 

We are excited to introduce Asali Organics and we welcome you to experience our Organic and Locally Sourced Asali infused collection of products.

Bee Well,

Camille Jeannine, Creator
Asali Organics

about the creator

Camille Jeannine

Camille Jeannine

Camille Jeannine

At an early age, Camille had a passion for beauty and an innate ability to capture attention. In 2004 Camille received her formal training in NYC and has been a licensed Master Aesthetician and Aroma Therapist ever since. Camille is also a certified member of the National Coalition of Estheticians.

Camille has built a following up and down the east coast.  Most recently she was the owner of Milla’s Treatment Boutique in NYC for 6 years.  In her career thus far she has been featured in several publications.  From New York to Miami, Camille offers customized organic skin care and is now using her very own line of Asali Organics Skin Care.

Over the years, Camille has learned that a woman’s beauty does indeed come from within and is eager to help her clients GLOW from the inside out.  Camille’s experience and passionate approach to treating skin has positioned her to become an exclusive name in the beauty industry.




Our mission at Asali Organics is to be a force for good in our community.  To uplift, empower, teach, validate, and ultimately build self esteem in young women in the beauty industry through organically developed products and services that encourage both inner and outer beauty, as well as spiritual enlightenment.  An integral, and additional aspect of being a force for good will be the provision of opportunities for personal growth, leadership, and entrepreneurial training.

Our vision at Asali Organics is to empower women to become fearless, confident and successful leaders in the beauty industry who endeavor to encourage positive change in the overall well being of humankind.


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Asali Organics

Hand crafted & luxurious…Organic Skin Care….